Hair Color
Hair color is a natural and herbal product which can easily applied to hair and leave natural looking coloured hair. Not only this powder provides complete overage to grey hair, but also nourishes hair.
Erythritol Powder
Erythritol powder is a powdered sweetener, that is pure and can be added to confectionery, beverages, bakery products and more as a substitute of sugar. Our company supplies this sweetener powder to be used in baking and cooking.
Herbal Henna Powder

The Herbal Henna Powder we deal in is used for the coloring of hair. It nourishes the scalp and works as a good conditioner for the hair. It ensures the hair grows faster.

The Hand Sanitizers we deal in take less time and can kill the microorganisms on hands. Also, these can reduce the bacterial counts on hands. They also do not encourage the antimicrobial resistance.

Stevia Liquid Drops

The Stevia Liquid Drops we deal in is a non-nutritive sweetener as well as herbal supplement. Offered is included with less calories. They are the healthful alternatives that can be included in variety of meals and beverages.

Stevia Extract

The Stevia Extract will allow the users to enjoy their favorite puddings and recipes. Offered are the herbal supplements of zero calories. They are offered with many healthful alternatives and can be included in assorted meals and beverages.

Stevia Leaves

Stevia leaves we deal in are widely used as the safe supplement. It goes well with your health concerns. People who are on carb-free diets can take this without any worry.

Stevia Sachets

The Stevia Sachets are offered in easy to use packaging. They can be used with ease at all possible places and are included with so many supplements, which are healthful but tasty.

Stevia Powder

Stevia powder is widely known as a safe sweetener. This mixes well with all sweet recipes and provide sugary taste of high intensity. They are free from calories and thus are considered salutary.

Stevia Tablets

The Stevia Tablets we deal in are the natural source of natural sweeteners. They are needed for lowering the blood pressure and can treat the diabetes. Also, these can deal with the high uric acid levels. The tablets can promote weight loss and ensures water retention.

Xylitol Powder
Xylitol Powder is a 100% natural sweetener which people can use as a substitute to sugar. A very little powder is added to make sugar-free candies, chewing gums and more.

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